SupplySolver automatically plans the populating and depopulating of barns and your producer’s downtimes. It uses mathematical models to calculate the optimal schedule, while taking into account restrictions defined by the user. The manual workload for planning is reduced to a minimum.


SupplySolver allows you to centrally manage all producer and egg production performance data online. Employees can easily access, import and export the data using built-in Excel interfaces. You can access SupplySolver with your web browser, there is no need to install and maintain software on your computers.

More exact

SupplySolver optimizes your production management based on customer demand and reduces over- and underproduction. Specific production parameters and restrictions can be specified for each individual producer.

More efficient

SupplySolver helps improve your company’s performance by increasing revenue and reducing cost. The optimal seasonal planning allows you to sell additional eggs when demand is high, thus increasing the average selling price. Reducing overproduction decreases the amount of excess eggs, reduces storage costs and improves liquidity.